As the year 2017 is slowly setting in,I realized that I had stopped reading books, taking an interest in them like I used to.There are no more late nights or lazy afternoons spent doing the thing I used to love so much. I have decided to reignite my passion and have a do-over of sorts.Yes this year I’m really trying to work on myself and so I’m changing the direction of this blog.I’m doing book reviews.Very cliche but it’s not like many people read what I write anyway and I’m over the phase of writing emo sensitized crap.This is a good place for me to give my true opinions on the things I love the most : books.I will review some movies  and tv series as well.I don’t really watch everything there is but I’m an avid fan.There isn’t a weekend spent without watching some movie or a latest episode.So why not dabble into the very talked and spoken about subject.I will do my best in keeping up with the blog.