This Summer

Summer is that time of the year we all look forward to.Its the time when you finally get the idyllic afternoon naps,long beach walks,clear blue sky and starry nights.Its a luxury to step out the daily routine,wake up late,enjoy that cup of tea and laze around in general.Summer is the time when we create our own stories.

This Summer I created my own story.It wasn’t the perfect type like described above but it was something different.It was my time of self-discovery and self realisation.It taught me a lot of things,lessons that still hurt but I’m still walking.I learnt its okay to have an emotional breakdown and get a good cry.It just made me a stronger person.This summer I met some people I would never let go of.I’d relive this summer again if i could maybe I regret a thing or two but it is overshadowed by good experiences.This summer was magical.



Author: messyideals

violent mind

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