You are very happy with a person and suddenly out of the blue when things seem to be going forward, you part ways and walk separate paths.The whole process of getting over someone is tedious specially if the feelings weren’t mutual.This was a person who had become a major part of your life,fallen in love with and dreamt of having a future with.Now, you are aimless and directionless.

The hurt is what hits the most,then self-doubt,regret and finally anger.You are completely unequipped to deal with such harmful emotions and feelings.They eat up the best in you and leave you vengeful.At night,you lie awake with withdrawal symptoms as if you were on some addictive drug.You can’t stop thinking about all those conversations you had and the intimacy you shared.And finally the joke is on you because you believed that love conquers all.

There are times in a single day when your hand searches for their name on the phone and there is a itch to call but you have to restrain yourself.You have to deal with the invisible wall built between you two and continue to move forward.No one said its not going to be difficult but perhaps if you get past the difficulty you might just emerge stronger and better.